About Us

We are a subsidiary of Athena Global – a leading Australian-based company, dedicated to bringing all-natural and sustainable products to the world. Athena offers innovative products that are the outcome of intense research and development aimed at discovering and transforming priceless gifts from Mother Nature into human-usable and eco-friendly forms.
One such product from the house of Athena is Himalayan Hemp. This plant variety is truly one of the most sustainable and versatile members of the plant kingdom. The Himalayan hemp is so diverse in terms of usability and health benefits that it eventually led Athena to develop a separate platform, solely dedicated to this wonder plant variety.
Our website, hempeverything.com.au is a part of Athena’s plan to educate people on it and make it easily accessible to everyone.
“I am into the business for quite some time now and I can vouch for the quality of their Himalayan hemp products.”Patrick Kempt/CEO
Interestingly, almost all parts of this plant are functional and used to produce medicines, building material, bio-fuel, clothing and more. Owing to its umpteen benefits, the Western world has lately begun to recognise hemp as a ‘superfood.’ However, you might be taken aback with the fact that it has been a staple food in numerous societies across the globe for centuries.
While the hemp itself is an excellent health food, what we offer is somewhat special in that it comes from one of the world’s most verdant zones, which is widely known for its tranquillity, unspoilt beauty and diverse vegetation.
Grown in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, our hemp is completely organic and ethically sourced. The pure air and rich soil of this region can be chiefly credited for the superior quality of Himalayan hemp.
Through this platform, we aspire to spread knowledge about the benefits of this unique plant while offering high-quality hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and hemp fibre-based clothing. Our Himalayan hemp products are strictly tested for quality before shipment. All the three products are available with us for bulk export and retail in Australia.