Why Hemp Clothing? Why we are doing it?

Businesses could be of different types. While all businesses are set up for profit, there are some businesses that keep the human aspect alive by giving back to society more than others. We choose to be in that category. We believe that we can grow only when the people at the grassroots level grow. Being one of the leading hemp clothing suppliers in India, we ensure that our quality speaks for itself.

The focus of our business is hemp sourced from the upper reaches of the Himalayas in the tiny state of Uttarakhand in northern India. Uttarakhand is saddled with high levels of poverty (40.5% in rural areas; 36.5% in urban areas) and unemployment which quickly become apparent with a visit to the state. When we started our business, we saw these numbers translate into reality before our own eyes. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of involving the local villagers in our business. Our efforts are ongoing but we are pleased to see that we have been able to provide employment to people from the villages on the periphery of our plantation. These people are the true pillars of our hemp clothing business. Producing hemp clothing in bulk  is possible only because of these people.

We derive great satisfaction from the fact that not only are we a leading hemp clothing importer from India, but also able to give back to the people of the place which enabled us to do our business in the first instance.


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    What is Hemp Clothing?

    Hemp clothing or simply put hemp fabric is a fabric that is produced from the fibres of the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This is the same plant that produces Marijuana but before you jump to conclusions let us tell you that hemp and marijuana are not one and the same thing. While marijuana has psychoactive properties, hemp does not have psychoactive properties and cannot give you a high. In fact, you can’t smoke up hemp.  Hemp fibres are the strongest natural fibre known to man and this plant has been used for thousands of years to craft clothes and has served numerous other purposes such as fuel, animal bedding and building materials.

    The outer layer of the hemp plant is made of bast fibres which can be used to make clothes and rope.  Once this is processed into hemp fabric, hemp is similar to cotton. Hemp is resistant to pilling and shrinks very little. The clothing itself is very soft and easily outlives a cotton clothing by many more years. Additionally, hemp is lightweight as well which it makes it a breathable fabric. It has both insulating and breathability therefore the same hemp garment can be used for summers as well as winters.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of wearing hemp clothes?

    There are numerous benefits of hemp, some of which are as follows:

    a. Needs half as much water as cotton

    Did you know that it takes 1400 gallons of water to produce a pound of cotton? Hemp uses half that amount of water. Our world needs as much as fresh and unpolluted water as it can get with the rapid reduction of natural resources. Efficient use of water is a must and this is where hemp plays a crucial role. This quality means that hemp is eco-friendly and as time goes on preserving our freshwater supplies will be of utmost importance.

    b. Hemp is UV resistant

    No one loves sunburns and one of the great qualities about hemp clothing is that they are UV protectant which means that your skin stays safe from harmful   sunrays. It is a great feeling to know that you and your loved ones are protected when you’re out in the sun and wearing the right clothes makes it easier.

    c. Hemp clothes are very strong and very soft at the same time

    The touch of soft clothing on the skin is something that we all know of and it need be described. Hemp fibre is one such fabric that caresses your skin with its softness. The more hemp fibre you have in your clothing, the more the level of softness you’ll experience.  The best part is that hemp gets softer over time and becomes more comfortable.

    Hemp also happens to be a very strong material, much stronger than cotton. In fact, hemp is the strongest natural fibre. The reason it is so strong is that its fibres are long and entwined together. This structure of hemp means that your clothes will be able to endure the harshness of the elements more effectively than other fabrics. Irrespective of whether you use hemp clothes for daily wear or are engaged in heavy manual work while working those clothes, hemp clothing will last for a long time.

    d. Hemp clothing is ideal for both summer and winter

    So is cotton you might think, what is the big deal? The big deal here is that unlike other clothing fabrics that can either keep you warm or cool, hemp is a fabric that can do both. The cellulose fibre in hemp produces the effect of insularity as well as breathability. Therefore, for example, a hemp blanket will be as useful in the summers as in the winters. Similarly, regardless of the style of your clothing, you will be able to wear hemp clothing year-round. Not only, that sizes will never be a concern as we provide all sizes of hemp clothing. This means that hemp clothing in plus size is not a problem.

    e. Hemp for clothing is naturally biodegradable

    Nobody wants to throw away their old clothes but sometimes a scenario arises where the clothes are so spoiled that they can’t be worn by anyone. Throwing these clothes away is the only option but here thanks to the properties of hemp, hemp fabric for clothing is completely biodegradable.

    f. Hemp is soil friendly, takes up less land than cotton and produces more fibre

    Hemp doesn’t need any pesticides to grow and produces 200-250 % more fibre than cotton in the same stretch of land. Hemp is a self-sustaining plant that makes it a completely environment-friendly choice for clothing.

    How do you wash hemp clothes?

    Depending on the type of natural hemp clothing, washing and dry cleaning are both recommended. For example, for hemp garments, beds and table linens washing is recommended. Similarly, dry cleaning is recommended for draperies, slipcovers and other furnishing clothes. You should always give a gentle wash or a hand wash when cleaning hemp clothes. Delicate hemp clothes need to be put in a lingerie bag before putting them into a washing machine. Do not use hot water instead, use cold or warm water. Coloured hemp needs to be washed in cold water. Bleach should be avoided as much as possible, but in case you have to use bleach, use oxygen bleaches for bleached or semi-bleached hemp.

    While drying hemp, several methods can be used such as drying flat, line drying, machine drying, drying on the lawn and rolling in terry towels. When machine drying pay attention to the time. Overdrying the clothes will result in broken fibres and threads. Irrespective of the method that you use, you need to make sure that the hemp is never completely dry but instead slightly damp. If hemp dries completely, it can become brittle and lose its natural moisture and flexibility. Similarly, wringing wet or damp hemp before drying makes yarn fibres disintegrate and creates unnecessary wrinkles.

    When it comes to dry cleaning, home furnishing items such as draperies and slip-covers are the best for dry-cleaning as the solvents in dry-cleaning do not cause swelling in hemp. Therefore, there is very little shrinkage or wrinkling in these fabrics.  A good hemp clothing supplier will make sure that he provides the best hemp for clothing so that the finished product is at its best in all kinds of conditions.

    What is White Label Clothing? How Does it Differ from Private Labelling?

    The terms white labelling and private labelling are used interchangeably but although they are similar, they have different meanings.

    A private label product or service is one where you buy it from one manufacturer and enhance, modify, and change the product in any way you like and sell it.

    A white label product is one where you buy from one or more manufacturers and put your brand on the product or service and sell it as it is with no changes. In a white label product you should that you will not be the only one buying the same products from the manufacturer.

    If you’re a hemp clothing importer, or looking for a hemp clothing dropshipping partner with white labeling option, Hemp Everything is the right choice. We’re the leading hemp clothing wholesale suppliers in the country, with an advanced logistics and supply chain. 

    Will people get high by wearing our hemp clothes?

    No. The only thing people can get high on by wearing our hemp clothes is fashion. Hemp has had to bear the stigma associated with marijuana for long because both come from the same plant Cannabis Sativa but unlike marijuana, hemp has less than 0.3 % of the psychoactive compound THC and is thus non-intoxicating. Hemp is in fact the first crop to be cultivated by man and has multiple capabilities such as producing food, rope, clothing, paper, housing material and Henry Ford even built a car out of hemp! Thus, hemp clothes have nothing to do with intoxication.

    What is the best way to iron our clothes?

    Ironing should be ideally done when the hemp is damp. When the fabric is completely dry, dampen the fabric thoroughly and iron on medium to high heat.  Darker hemp clothing should be ironed on the wrong side only while lighter fabrics should be ironed on the wrong side first and then on the right side so that sheen of the material comes through.

    Is hemp like linen?

    Hemp has the look of linen but the feel of cotton. Unlike linen, hemp doesn’t crease as easily. Hemp and linen come from different plants, while linen comes from the Flax plant, hemp comes from the Cannabis plant. The fibres for both fabrics are derived from the stalk of the plant.

    While there are quite a few similarities between hemp and linen, hemp and linen are not one and the same thing. Some of the similarities between linen and hemp are

    • Both hemp and linen are strong fibres although hemp is much stronger than linen
    • Both hemp and linen become soft and supple over time after usage
    • Both hemp and linen have antibacterial properties
    • Both hemp and linen are biodegradable
    • Both hemp and linen are resistant to moths and other insects
    • However, some of the advantages that hemp has over linen include its high resistance levels to rotting, salt water, mildew and mold and also its resistance to UV rays of the sun.

    Where can one wear our clothes?

    Hemp, for clothing, is a great fabric. Our hemp clothes are suitable for all occasions. Hemp clothing for mens as well as women are available with us. You can wear a suit to work or just as comfortably slip into an evening gown for a dinner date.  Need clothes for outdoor adventures or everyday work? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Whatever, the event or the occasion we have the perfect hemp clothing in Australia. If you’re looking for hemp clothing in wholesale prices in Australia or you’re looking for hemp brand clothing, check us out. You’ll surely not be disappointed. Irrespective of summers or winters, you will get all kinds of all-weather hemp clothes.

    Hemp clothing Australia is a flourishing market, with several hemp clothing manufacturers setting up operations. Hemp Everything is a pioneer in this market, with a growing catalog of hemp clothing mens and womens options. We also have hemp clothing plus size options.

    How can I get my order delivered faster?

    Any order after dispatch will take 3-7 working days in order to reach its destination, the cost of which is included in the purchase price of the product. However if you wish to get it shipped in priority kindly contact us at ben@hempeverything.com.au and pay the difference amount for shipping and we will take it further.

    Will your hemp clothing shrink after wash?

    All Hemp clothing at Hemp Everything is pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Any shrinkage, if at all, will be minimal. The ideal way to wash hemp clothing is to wash cold and tumble low or line dry.

    How is hemp fabric produced?

    Hemp as a crop is grown in mild climates with high humidity. There are three main stages of producing fibre from industrial hemp. These stages are – harvesting, retting and separation.

    The plants used for hemp fabric are harvested specially with the help of a special machine 70-90 days after seeding when they are in the early flowering stage and well before the seed is produced. The plants are cut at a height of 2 to 3 cm from the ground and then allowed to dry for 4-6 weeks.

    The next stage is retting which is a process to break down the chemical bonds holding the hemp stem together to enable easier separation of the fibrous outer section from the wood-like core. Retting can be carried out in three different ways by – leaving the hemp to decompose in the fields which could take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, water retting and use of enzymes.

    The final process is called separation where a process called steam explosion renders hemp into fabric which can be spun and woven into clothes.

    Producing top quality hemp products requires advanced process knowledge, sophisticated machinery, and cutting edge machinery. Hemp Everything is a technologically empowered hemp clothing wholesale supplier. If you’re looking to buy bulk buy hemp clothing, get in touch with us and know more. For all your hemp clothing bulk orders, we will make sure you get the best prices and the maximum value for your money.

    How to Choose The Best Hemp Clothing Manufacturers?

    Hemp clothing companies aren’t hard to find. However, finding dependable hemp clothing manufacturers with a strong logistics network to manage global deliveries – that’s tough. 

    Here are some questions to ask from any hemp clothing wholesalers and manufacturers:

    • Why do you think you’re better than other hemp clothing manufacturing companies?
    • What kind of hemp clothing wholesale rates will you offer, and for what minimum order quantities?
    • Can you make customized hemp cotton clothing?
    • Do you have the process expertise to manufacture natural dyed hemp clothing?
    • How is your natural hemp clothing product better than others?
    • What kind of products do you offer for the mens hemp clothing Australia market?
    • Is there a hemp clothing sale or discount coupon you can use to get a better price?

    Whether you’re looking to set up your own hemp products based business, want to partner with wholesale hemp clothing distributors, need wholesale hemp clothing suppliers, or want hemp clothing dropshippers, we will end your search. Whether you want to purchase hemp clothing Byron Bay, Melbourne, or Sydney, we will fulfil your orders.

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