Sustainability has been one of the most basic issues for nearly every industry across the globe for quite some time now. And, the construction sector is certainly no exception. Today’s
Hemp and Cotton have both got a long standing place in human history. Textile can be made from both but there are significant differences between both. Significantly, the pros of
‘Reducing the carbon footprint’ is a phrase that you might have come across in many places in recent times. This is not something that is or should be limited to
Prevent Global Warming
Hemp is also known as industrial hemp. Industrial hemp can play a crucial role in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Historically, hemp has been in cultivation for thousands of
Humans are insanely addicted to plastic. We say this because what other living species happily produces the poison that kills them? Humans produce over 300 million tons of plastic every
The earth is in grave danger today. Global warming is a real threat. Our oceans are full of plastics, our rain forests are dwindling and we cover our crops in
Introduction Hemp is a plant blessed with numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties. As such, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to products that can be made from
India generates more than 25000 tons of plastic every year and plastics constitute 10 % of all the waste generated annually. Almost no areas have been spared from the influx
In the world of nuts and seeds, hemp seed is like that prodigious student who scores top grades in the college and also is the captain of the baseball team.
Introduction Hemp seeds come from the cannabis Sativa plant. This name may send the alarm bells ringing, but fortunately, the similarity ends there. Instead of getting you high and making